When we know better- we CAN do better.



Make a first step.

Do you have a dream? Does it make you feel happy? If, yes- make your first step right now, just one little step! Don’t expect to be perfect – do the steps, every day, the success will follow…
8 years ago, on Dec 2006, I picked up my first book in English to read-I wasn’t sure if I’d manage it because I thought my English wasn’t perfect enough to read books. But I did that step and to my big surprise I managed to read the book without even using dictionary. I may asked my husband couple of times what some words meant but my journey as a reader of Memoirs of a Geisha by Arthur Golden was successfully accomplished.
4 years later, in April 2010, I decided to take my first step to start writing my own memoir in English. It was a dream of over 10 years! The road I took was long and bumpy but what I’ve learned-step by step you’ll get there where your dream is. Of course, it would be much easier for me to write a book in Ukrainian or Russian but I wanted my book in international language so I could share my story with the World. Was my English perfect? NO. Is my English perfect now? Still-No. But while I speak and write with an accent, I don’t think with an accent.
The grammar and punctuation can be fixed with professional help while the idea still remains yours- you are the creator of your dream and you are the creator of making your dream come true. Just step by step…