Time to end the war on drugs and the war on trade in rhino horn.

Have you ever heard about the war on drugs?

I see a great parallel with the war on drugs and the war on trade in rhino horn. Please watch this video- http://bit.ly/1zMJIhs

It is a sad reality that most people tend to think that prohibition is the ultimate form of regulation when in fact prohibitions present perfect opportunities for criminals to create monopoly for illegal market. Where there is a demand there will be a supply! Proven fact which I have witnessed from own experience- https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=T8QWqWQnvdQ

Since national legal trade in horn was banned in South Africa in February 2009, our country has lost over 4000 rhinos to poaching. Just look back in 2007 where legal trade of rhino horn was in place and you’ll see – only 13 rhinos were poached. The reality shows, unless we sell rhino horn legally where rhino stays alive by method of harvesting horn, the demand will continue to be supplied illegally by method of poaching where rhino is killed until last rhino gone from this planet. Time to realize that it’s not the demand for horn that kills our rhinos but the method the horn is supplied. Time to legalize trade in rhino horn and give a rhino the cup of life! Horn grows back- poached rhino gone forever.

No need for war on drugs same as no need for war on trade in rhino horn. Legalized trade diminishes conditions for illegal trade.

– Albina Hume, Ukrainian Author of Miss Fortune and pro-rhino activist.