The Rhino Reality

Finally, I’m working on my second book about my life in South Africa. Here’s a little glimpse on my thoughts in Chapter 3:

“Do you recall the days of the 20th century when women’s rights were dictated by a law which prioritized the life of a fetus over the woman’s own life? How many women were butchered in illegal or backyard abortions? How many were deprived of the chance to ever have children or even worse, lost their lives due to this archaic law, which denied them the right of choice?
To me, this tragic example of an outdated, misguided and legal mistake that caused so many unnecessary deaths resembles a lot of the current situation with rhinos where an ineffective law dictates and probably condemns the future of the rhino’s existence by prioritizing their horns over their lives. I’ve realised that the rhino wars are not only about fighting rhino poaching but fighting an outdated system that no longer serves its purpose. As an avid animal lover and the wife of a deeply dedicated South African rhino-breeder, I have personally witnessed and experienced the effect of the national prohibitions and CITES ban on international trade in rhino horn during the past 8 years. Having lost 50 rhinos to poaching at our game reserves, I have arrived at an unshakeable conclusion- the law that does not benefit the rhino should not stay in place!”



My husband is the man who saved 1000 rhinos.

Did you know that South African property developer, John Hume is the man who bred 886 rhinos in his lifetime and who’s currently protects 1252 rhinos?!
His goal is to breed 200 rhinos a year to help to save the specie from extinction.
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My voice for rhinos survival.

I love people and I love animals, and I believe in peaceful solutions to any conflict or crisis. Here’s hoping, that someday, in the not too distant future the misfortunes of the rhinos would be found in movies, and no more in real life!

This film shows the rhino reality and a peaceful solution to a poaching crisis.

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Happy New 2016 Year!!!

With a New Year arriving I’ve made a choice to have a healthy body and mind, instead of having a sexy drink that actually diminishes my inner harmony in the long run.
To feel better motivated I’ve done some thinking of the pluses: one glass of champagne costs the same as 60 liters of spring mineral water. And 60 liters of water can transform the body and mind into happier and much healthier state in just 3 weeks, while one glass of champagne transforms the spirit and mood for only 30 minutes, demanding more attention from the body and soul. My bottle of champagne will be finished in 90 minutes and the level of happiness will be increased until the next morning, while with 180 liters of water I can increase my wellbeing for the next 9 weeks!
That’s why I am saying farewell to my love of champagne in 2016 🌟!image

Following dream…


I look at myself, three years ago, learning in Kyiv how to do my first ever public speech, considering my speech impediment not been able to pronounce the leather R, which made me feel always like a ‘crow’. And I love this brave girl ❤️❤️⭐️!!!
Am I still the same girl? FOR SURE! I am a rhino girl born in Ukraine, married to a South African, helping my husband to save rhinos for future generations. Are we happily ever after? NO. Because we are batlling poaching crisis and calling for international support for rhino’s future.
We don’t ask for your donations, only for your voice! Please check out my social pages and help us support our voices for legalization of trade in legally produced horn where rhino stays alive. We don’t ask for your donations, only for your voice!
P.S. Following my destiny…