A burning issue.

I am Ukrainian, living in South Africa. I’m a witness to a rhino poaching crisis, while helping my husband to breed rhinos for future generations. I’d like to share my thoughts about the reality which African continent is facing currently:
It is a very sad situation when African people lose their natural heritage due to poaching. It’s even sadder when those who burn stolen natural resources, which belong to Africa, present such action like a stand against poaching in the name of African countries. Such radical and illogical steps have been done by international NGOs who collect millions of dollars on African wildlife crisis; more crisis- more suffering- more donations. It has nothing to do with reducing demand for rhino horn and Ivory because demand does not kill the rhino or elephant, but a method by which the demand is supplied.
Burning Ivory and rhino horn has nothing to do with African countries’ stand. African people have very little say in such actions because they have had their rights taking away by NGOs that dictate wildlife policies in Kenya, for example. The same NGOs are currently trying to highjack South African wildlife policies too.
P.S. Donations won’t save African wildlife, your voice will. When you know better – you CAN do better.



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