Happy New 2016 Year!!!

With a New Year arriving I’ve made a choice to have a healthy body and mind, instead of having a sexy drink that actually diminishes my inner harmony in the long run.
To feel better motivated I’ve done some thinking of the pluses: one glass of champagne costs the same as 60 liters of spring mineral water. And 60 liters of water can transform the body and mind into happier and much healthier state in just 3 weeks, while one glass of champagne transforms the spirit and mood for only 30 minutes, demanding more attention from the body and soul. My bottle of champagne will be finished in 90 minutes and the level of happiness will be increased until the next morning, while with 180 liters of water I can increase my wellbeing for the next 9 weeks!
That’s why I am saying farewell to my love of champagne in 2016 🌟!image

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