I am Ukrainian, and I cannot keep calm. Rhinos need your voice!

If you are reeding this post then you are certainly one of those who cares for animals wellbeing and harmony in the world.
You have probably heard that rhinos are under threat of extinction because of illegal trade in horn, which results in rhino poaching. What can YOU do to change the rhino reality?
I am Ukrainian, living in South Africa, married to a rhino breeder, John Hume who in the past 23 years has bred more than 750 rhinos by using his own funds from private business in property development.
We’ve been battling rhino wars on a daily basis for the last seven years due to the change of national law in South Africa that suddenly joined international law which banned trade in horn since 1977, and which has resulted in some rhino sub species extinction. What a shame!
More to it, since joining international law on 13 February 2009, South Africa has lost over 5000 rhinos to poaching, where every day more rhinos die for the so- called ‘banned’ trade in horn, which doesn’t prevent rhinos from being poached anyway. Surely, it’s time to change the international law which puts the horn over the rhino’s life? And your voice can do it!
By banning trade in horn, which is a renewable product, all we receive is monopoly for illegal trade that’s driving rhinos to extinction.
By supporting the change of law, where horn can be traded legally – using method of horn harvesting where rhino stays alive – you will support the future for rhinos and help us save them for future generations.
When you know better, you do better ❤️. Use your voice to help the rhino’s future!
Thank you,
Albina Hume, pro-rhino activist and the Ukrainian author of the memoir Miss Fortune.
P.S. I don’t ask for donations. Donations won’t save the rhino, your voice will!


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