Memoir ‘Miss Fortune’ celebrates 4 months since publication date.

Today, on the 4th month anniversary of my memoir’s publication I’ve received a special review from a lady, Elena Pavlova- from Russia with Love!

Dear Albina,
It`s 4 months passed since your book release (it was 15th of May if I am not mistaken). I am sorry for being late with the read and review (it`s been several busy months for me). But you know, once I started (it was on Saturday last week), I couldn`t help but finishing it before I could close my e-book on tablet and put it aside (it took me two days flat to read from cover to cover), it was SO captivating and thrilling! What I can tell, you clearly chose not an ordinary (softly speaking!) life pack for this your soul journey time (speaking in words of New Age), or what interesting karma you`ve got (speaking in words of The Vedic knowledge)! I would have probably died of misery or fear several times already, if I was to walk in your shoes…Luckily, it all happily ended with the Africa dream and dream man both come true.

You`re a brave fearless girl, adventurous to the limit. To all, it takes a lot of courage to expose your faults and dark sides of life to the large audience… Having such bright beautiful looks and character, I didn`t wonder why you`d been at the center of mens` attention all the time! 🙂 I am very happy to get acquainted with you and your life story, it was a wonderful read. I wish your dream of making a movie on your memoir with Michael Douglas and Anne Hathaway starring will come true in the near future.

Though you kindly sent a free copy of the memoir, I am happy to support your family rhino breeding project by purchasing the e-book from Amazon (have just done it). I left a review there as well (it is currently processed, will appear if all is OK with the person who checks reviews):
“The Cup of Life
The memoir by Albina Hume is a wonderful read which captures your attention till the very last word of the book. Who would think such a petite gentle appearance actually hides bright strong fearless character, adventurous to the limit! The story will give you extra motivation to take charge of your own life and follow your dreams despite obstacles or faults, childhood fears and disappointments. Happy end is guaranteed.”

Travelling down this road
Watching the signs as I go…
I think I’ll follow my heart
It’s a very good place to start

Best regards and warm wishes

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