I Dream a Dream.

My dream for my memoir Miss Fortune is not only to see it as an international bestseller and a movie in Hollywood, where Anne Hathaway would play me and Michael Douglas would play my husband, John but to get a chance for an international platform to plea for rhinos and people of Africa, in order to stop the war on trade in rhino horn and help create a harmony for future generations.

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The current international law which bans trade in horn for over 37 years has failed to save rhinos from poaching crisis; it only created conditions for illegal trade where rhinos and African people get killed in rhino wars because horn on the black market cost more than gold.

I truly believe that very few people would want to became a rhino poacher if there was a legalized trade in horn. It’s time to change the international law which kills people and rhinos of Africa, especially in South Africa. New law would create opportunities for African people to become a proud custodians of their natural heritage where they could benefit from saving rhinos by harvesting horn without killing the rhino. As we know horn grows back and one rhino could produce in it’s 40 years life time over 60 kg of horn! This means that one rhino could generate income for food and education for three generations of few families.

My main dream is to help create a brighter future for African people!

– A.Hume.

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