Writing ‘Miss Fortune’: Reflections On a Journey.

16 years ago, one day at the age of 21, I had a first thought about writing a book. I wanted to share my experiences that only few people knew about. It took me a while to start, when finally at the age of 32 I decided- it’s time!

I choose to write my story in English, my third language after Russian and Ukrainian. Considering that I am self taught in English with very little experience in writing, just messages or letters, I thought I’ll deal with my memoir project the way I deal with my hobby-videography: I first will capture all my memories into the pages without much worrying about grammar and sentence structure just like I capture images with my camera without much thinking about light or right angle. Then I’ll decide what to cut and how to glue together some parts of my story to produce that film I’ll get inspired about. It took me one year to write my first 24 pages, which actually took me a couple of weeks, the rest of the year I simply abandoned my story. Only two days before turning 33, I realised: I left my project- my dream. It was very upsetting!

To get back on track, I wrote myself a special letter with a promise to write every day three words as minimum and three pages as maximum. I kept my promise and during second year of project I have produced my first draft of 120 000 words.

From then, it was just matter of time and self discipline to get the right draft with a professional help from developmental editor and keep re-writing, re-writing and again re-writing for the next 3 yearssmile emoticon. Now I am working on final edits before my memoir will finally be released to the world in April 2015.

The biggest challenge is actually to make that first step -start writing your story. Also, I think it’s important to fell in love with your story- that’s the reason to keep going.

News aboutA. Hume book release – http://www.facebook.com/Memoir.MissFortune

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